What Are The Different Types Of Dancing Shoes

swing620smallMore the dancing varieties; more will be the dancing shoes available! So, what do you think is the major reason behind this? Is it for fashion? Is it for marketing? Is it for style? No, the main idea behind having a suitable dancing shoe for each kind of dancing type is to ensure optimal performance. Now, what do you mean by optimal performance? It is not only to perform the moves in the most elegant way, but it is also to move the body in the most comfortable and safe manner. So, an optimal performance ensures perfect moves for elegant presentation without compromising on the comfort aspect as well as risk-free moves. This means that the shoes catering to a particular dance will have a unique structure, design, and features. Therefore, one must prefer wearing the dance shoes that corresponds to the dance type. Well, here are some of the different types of dancing shoes.

Zumba Shoes

Zumba, a fusion of Latin and Asian dance styles, is very much popular not only among the dancers but also among the weight losers. So, Zumba shoes are much in demand! Actually, there is no particular brand that sells shoes with the label ‘Zumba’. Therefore, a pair of comfortable dance sneakers that offer additional feet padding and support is just ideal for Zumba video dancing.

Latin and Ballroom Shoes

Made exclusively for ballroom dancing, these shoes are very light in weight as well as pliable. They are usually high heel sandals or pumps that can make you soar by two or three inches. However, even flats are quite trendy nowadays. Mostly made up of leather or suede soles, such footwear features a metal shank that ensures the required support for the feet arch. Moreover, suede soles are recommended for both males and females owing to the assurance of perfect grip and glide required for ballroom dancing.

Jazz Shoes

Featuring high as well as low rise styles, these shoes are much more like the normal tennis shoes. However, they are capable of offering the required flexibility to the dancers so that the necessary movements can be made quickly. A majority of the jazz shoes are built using canvas or leather, with the former material being more affordable than the latter. You can find them with many styles such as laces or slip-ons. There are a few jazz shoes that feature a rubber sole for providing additional padding and ensuring shock absorption while performing some tough moves. In terms of soles, the split-soles are ideal because they ensure added flexibility for easy bending.

Tap Shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes are for tap dancing only. Holding metal plates called taps on the toes as well as heels, these shoes make a noisy sound whenever your feet taps the surface while performing on the stage. This noise is surely due to the plates that trigger a percussive sound to imitate playing a musical instrument. Therefore, tap shoes are the most unique and exciting shoes!

Ballet shoes

These shoes are lightweight and pliable enough to help the dancers in balancing their body perfectly on the toes. They are made up of satin, canvas, or leather. Canvas shoes are cheap and are ideal for practice, while satin shoes are only meant for stage performances due to their quickly wearing out nature. Leather shoes are costly but last for a longer period.

So now, be sure to wear the corresponding dancing shoes!

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